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 ... acos(X) acosh(X) asin(X) asinh(X) atan(X) atan2(Y,X) atanh(X) ceil(X) ceiling(X) cos(X) cosh(X) degrees(X) exp(X) floor(X) ln(X) log(B,X) log(X) log10(X) log2(X ... 
Built-In Scalar SQL Functions
 ... abs(X) changes() char(X1,X2,...,XN) coalesce(X,Y,...) format(FORMAT,...) glob(X,Y) hex(X) ifnull(X,Y) iif(X,Y,Z) instr(X,Y) last_insert_rowid() length(X) like(X,Y) like(X,Y,Z) likelihood(X,Y ... 
1. Assert() And Similar Macros In SQLite The assert(X) macro is part of standard C, in the <assert.h> header file. SQLite adds three other assert()-like macros named NEVER(X), ALWAYS(X), and testcase(X). assert(X) → The assert(X) statement indicates ... 
C API: Status Of A Dynamic String
sqlite3_str_errcode(), sqlite3_str_length(), sqlite3_str_value()
 ... The sqlite3_str_length(X) method returns the current length, in bytes, of the dynamic string under construction in sqlite3_str object X. The length returned by sqlite3_str_length(X) does not include the zero-termination byte. The sqlite3_str_value(X) method returns a pointer ... 
Built-in Aggregate Functions
 ... List of built-in aggregate functions avg(X) count(*) count(X) group_concat(X) group_concat(X,Y) max(X) min(X) sum(X) total(X) 3. Descriptions of built-in aggregate functions avg(X) The avg() function returns the average value ... 
C API: Add Content To A Dynamic String
sqlite3_str_appendf(), sqlite3_str_vappendf(), sqlite3_str_append(), sqlite3_str_appendall(), sqlite3_str_appendchar(), sqlite3_str_reset()
 ... The sqlite3_str_appendf(X,F,...) and sqlite3_str_vappendf(X,F,V) interfaces uses the built-in printf functionality of SQLite to append formatted text onto the end of sqlite3_str object X. The sqlite3_str_append(X,S,N) method appends exactly N bytes from ... 
sqlite3_malloc(), sqlite3_malloc64(), sqlite3_realloc(), sqlite3_realloc64(), sqlite3_free(), sqlite3_msize()
 ... The value returned by sqlite3_msize(X) might be larger than the number of bytes requested when X was allocated. If X is a NULL pointer then sqlite3_msize(X) returns zero. If X points to something that is not the beginning ... 
C API: Cancel Automatic Extension Loading
The sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension(X) interface unregisters the initialization routine X that was registered using a prior call to sqlite3_auto_extension(X). The sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension(X) routine returns 1 if initialization routine X was successfully unregistered and it returns 0 if X was not ... 
C API: String LIKE Matching
The sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) interface returns zero if and only if string X matches the LIKE pattern P with escape character E. The definition of LIKE pattern matching used in sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) is the same as for ... 
C API: String Globbing
The sqlite3_strglob(P,X) interface returns zero if and only if string X matches the GLOB pattern P. The definition of GLOB pattern matching used in sqlite3_strglob(P,X) is the same as for the "X GLOB P" operator in ... 


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