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2.21. The xShadowName Method  ... For example, when content is inserted into the FTS3 virtual table, the data is ultimately stored in real tables named "%_content", "%_segdir", "%_segments", "%_stat", and "%_docsize" where "%" is the name of the original virtual table. This auxiliary real tables that ... 
Recent SQLite News
 ... An attacker who is able to execute arbitrary SQL statements and who can create a corrupt database that is 2GB or larger in size might be able to trick FTS3 into overflowing an integer used to size a memory allocation ... 
Compile-time Options
8. Options To Disable Features Normally Turned On  ... SQLITE_DISABLE_FTS3_UNICODE If this C-preprocessor macro is defined, the unicode61 tokenizer in FTS3 is omitted from the build and is unavailable to applications. SQLITE_DISABLE_FTS4_DEFERRED If this C-preprocessor macro disables the "deferred token" optimization in FTS4. The "deferred token" optimization ... 
How SQLite Is Tested
7. Test Coverage The SQLite core, including the unix VFS, has 100% branch test coverage under TH3 in its default configuration as measured by gcov. Extensions such as FTS3 and RTree are excluded from this analysis.
PRAGMA secure_delete  ... In particular, the FTS3 and FTS5 virtual tables that come bundled with SQLite might leave forensic traces in their shadow tables even if the secure_delete pragma is enabled.


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