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Recent News

2016-01-20 - Release 3.10.2

Yikes! An optimization attempt gone bad resulted in a bug in the LIKE operator which is fixed by this patch release. Three other minor but low-risk fixes are also included in the patch.

2016-01-14 - Release 3.10.1

SQLite version 3.10.1 is a bug-fix release primarily targeting the fix for the query planner bug cb3aa0641d9a4 discovered by Mapscape. Also included is a minor API enhancement requested by the Firefox developers at Mozilla. The differences from version 3.10.0 are minimal.

2016-01-06 - Release 3.10.0

SQLite version 3.10.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

2015-11-02 - Release 3.9.2

SQLite version 3.9.2 is a patch release fixing two obscure bugs. (Details: (1), (2)). Upgrade only if you are having problems.

2015-10-16 - Release 3.9.1

SQlite version 3.9.1 is a small patch to version 3.9.0 that includes a few simple build script and #ifdef tweaks to make the code easier to compile on a wider variety of platform. There are no functional changes, except for a single minor bug-fix in the json1 extension to stop it from recognizing form-feed (ASCII 0x0c) as a whitespace character, in conformance with RFC7159.

2015-10-14 - Release 3.9.0

SQLite version 3.9.0 is a regularly schedule maintenance release. Key changes include:

See the change log for a long and more complete list of changes.

2015-07-29 - Release

SQLite version is a patch release that fixes two arcane issues that were reported shortly after 3.8.11 was released. Upgrade from 3.8.11 only in the unlikely event that one of these obscure issues affect your code.

2015-07-27 - Release 3.8.11

SQLite version 3.8.11 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. See the change log for details.

2015-05-20 - Release

Yikes! Index corruption after a sequence of valid SQL statements!

It has been many years since anything like this bug has snuck into an official SQLite release. But for the pasts seven months (version 3.8.7 through version if you do an INSERT into a carefully crafted schema in which there are two nested triggers that convert an index key value from TEXT to INTEGER and then back to TEXT again, the INTEGER value might get inserted as the index key instead of the correct TEXT, resulting in index corruption. This patch release adds a single line of code to fix the problem.

If you do actually encounter this problem, running REINDEX on the damaged indexes will clear it.

2015-05-09 - Release

The 3.8.10 release did not add the new SQLITE_ENABLE_DBSTAT_VTAB compile-time option to the sqlite3_compileoption_used() interface. This patch release fixes that omission. And while we are at it, the associated dbstat virtual table was enhanced slightly and a harmless compiler warning was fixed.

There is no reason to upgrade from version 3.8.10 unless you are using the new SQLITE_ENABLE_DBSTAT_VTAB compile-time option.

2015-05-07 - Release 3.8.10

SQLite version 3.8.10 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. This release features performance improvements, fixes to several arcane bugs found by the AFL fuzzer, the new "sqldiff.exe" command-line utility, improvements to the documentation, and other enhancements. See the release notes for additional information.

2015-04-08 - Release 3.8.9

SQLite version 3.8.9 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. New features in this release include the PRAGMA index_xinfo command, the sqlite3_status64() interface, and the ".dbinfo" command of the command-line shell. See the release notes for additional information.

2015-02-25 - Release

The patch release fixes an obscure problem in the SQLite code generator that can cause incorrect results when the qualifying expression of a partial index is used inside the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN. This problem has been in the code since support for partial indexes was first added in version 3.8.0. However, it is difficult to imagine a valid reason to every put the qualifying constraint inside the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN, and so this issue has never come up before.

Any applications that is vulnerable to this bug would have encountered problems already. Hence, upgrading from the previous release is optional.

2015-01-30 - Release

The patch release fixes a single minor problem: It ensures that the sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(TRUNCATE) operation will always truncate the write-ahead log even if log had already been reset and contained no new content. It is unclear if this is a bug fix or a new feature.

Something like this would normally go into the next regularly scheduled release, but a prominent SQLite user needed the change in a hurry so we were happy to rush it out via this patch.

There is no reason to upgrade unless you actually need the enhanced behavior of sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(TRUNCATE).

2015-01-20 - Release

Within hours of releasing version 3.8.8, a bug was reported against the 10-month-old 3.8.4 release. As that bug exists in all subsequent releases, the decision was made to issue a small patch to the 3.8.8 before it came into widespread use.

See ticket f97c4637102a3ae72b7911 for a description of the bug.

The changes between versions 3.8.8 and are minimal.

2015-01-16 - Release 3.8.8

SQLite version 3.8.8 is a regularly schedule maintenance release of SQLite.

There are no dramatic new features or performance enhancements in this release, merely incremental improvements. Most of the performance gain in this release comes from refactoring the B-Tree rebalancing logic to avoid unnecessary memcpy() operations. New features include the PRAGMA data_version statement and the ability to accept a VALUES clause with no arbitrary limit on the number of rows. Several obscure bugs have been fixed, including some multithreading races and a work-around for a compiler bug on some Macs.

See the change log for a longer list of enhancements and bug fixes.

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