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SQLite Release 3.29.0 On 2019-07-10

  1. Added the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_DQS_DML and SQLITE_DBCONFIG_DQS_DDL actions to sqlite3_db_config() for activating and deactivating the double-quoted string literal misfeature. Both default to "on" for legacy compatibility, but developers are encouraged to turn them "off", perhaps using the -DSQLITE_DQS=0 compile-time option.
  2. -DSQLITE_DQS=0 is now a recommended compile-time option.
  3. Improvements to the query planner:
    1. Improved optimization of AND and OR operators when one or the other operand is a constant.
    2. Enhancements to the LIKE optimization for cases when the left-hand side column has numeric affinity.
  4. Added the "sqlite_dbdata" virtual table for extracting raw low-level content from an SQLite database, even a database that is corrupt.
  5. Improvements to rounding behavior, so that the results of rounding binary numbers using the round() function are closer to what people who are used to thinking in decimal actually expect.
  6. Enhancements to the CLI:
    1. Add the ".recover" command which tries to recover as much content as possible from a corrupt database file.
    2. Add the ".filectrl" command useful for testing.
    3. Add the long-standing ".testctrl" command to the ".help" menu.
    4. Added the ".dbconfig" command


  7. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2019-07-10 17:32:03 fc82b73eaac8b36950e527f12c4b5dc1e147e6f4ad2217ae43ad82882a88bfa6
  8. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: d9a5daf7697a827f4b2638276ce639fa04e8e8bb5fd3a6b683cfad10f1c81b12

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