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SQLite Release 3.36.0 On 2021-06-18

  1. Improvement to the EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output to make it easier to understand.
  2. Byte-order marks at the start of a token are skipped as if they were whitespace.
  3. An error is raised on any attempt to access the rowid of a VIEW or subquery. Formerly, the rowid of a VIEW would be indeterminate and often would be NULL. The -DSQLITE_ALLOW_ROWID_IN_VIEW compile-time option is available to restore the legacy behavior for applications that need it.
  4. The sqlite3_deserialize() and sqlite3_serialize() interfaces are now enabled by default. The -DSQLITE_ENABLE_DESERIALIZE compile-time option is no longer required. Instead, there is a new -DSQLITE_OMIT_DESERIALIZE compile-time option to omit those interfaces.
  5. The "memdb" VFS now allows the same in-memory database to be shared among multiple database connections in the same process as long as the database name begins with "/".
  6. Back out the EXISTS-to-IN optimization (item 8b in the SQLite 3.35.0 change log) as it was found to slow down queries more often than speed them up.
  7. Improve the constant-propagation optimization so that it works on non-join queries.
  8. The REGEXP extension is now included in CLI builds.


  9. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2021-06-18 18:36:39 5c9a6c06871cb9fe42814af9c039eb6da5427a6ec28f187af7ebfb62eafa66e5
  10. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 2a8e87aaa414ac2d45ace8eb74e710935423607a8de0fafcb36bbde5b952d157

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