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Version Numbers in SQLite
1.2. The Historical Numbering System (Before 2015-10-14)  ... W.X, W.X.Y, or W.X.Y.Z. W was the file format: 1 or 2 or 3. X was the major version. Y was the minor version. Z was used only for patch releases to fix bugs ... 
Isolation In SQLite
 ... X can subsequently do a SELECT against the records that Y modified but X will see the older unmodified entries because Y's changes are all invisible to X while X is holding a read transaction. If X wants to ... 
C API: Autovacuum Compaction Amount Callback
The sqlite3_autovacuum_pages(D,C,P,X) interface registers a callback function C that is invoked prior to each autovacuum of the database file. The callback is passed a copy of the generic data pointer (P), the schema-name of the ... 
C API: Database File Corresponding To A Journal
If X is the name of a rollback or WAL-mode journal file that is passed into the xOpen method of sqlite3_vfs, then sqlite3_database_file_object(X) returns a pointer to the sqlite3_file object that represents the main database file. This routine ... 
The SQLITE_VERSION C preprocessor macro in the sqlite3.h header evaluates to a string literal that is the SQLite version in the format "X.Y.Z" where X is the major version number (always 3 for SQLite3) and Y is ... 
Datatypes In SQLite
7.2. Collation Sequence Examples  ... CREATE TABLE t1( x INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, a, /* collating sequence BINARY */ b COLLATE BINARY, /* collating sequence BINARY */ c COLLATE RTRIM, /* collating sequence RTRIM */ d COLLATE NOCASE /* collating sequence NOCASE */ ); /* x a b c d */ INSERT INTO t1 VALUES(1,'abc ... 
File Format Changes in SQLite
 ... In other words, version 2.2.x is backwards compatible to version 2.1.x. But version 2.1.x is not forward compatible with version 2.2.x. If you try to open a 2.2.x database with ... 
Indexes On Expressions
1. How To Use Indexes On Expressions  ... CREATE TABLE t2(x,y,z); CREATE INDEX t2xy ON t2(x+y); And then you run the query: SELECT * FROM t2 WHERE y+x=22; Then the index will not be used because the expression on the CREATE INDEX ... 
The WITH Clause
 ... WITH RECURSIVE cnt(x) AS (VALUES(1) UNION ALL SELECT x+1 FROM cnt WHERE x<1000000) SELECT x FROM cnt; Consider how this query works. The initial-select runs first and returns a single row with a single ... 
C API: Virtual Table Configuration Options
 ... SQLITE_VTAB_CONSTRAINT_SUPPORT Calls of the form sqlite3_vtab_config(db,SQLITE_VTAB_CONSTRAINT_SUPPORT,X) are supported, where X is an integer. If X is zero, then the virtual table whose xCreate or xConnect method invoked sqlite3_vtab_config() does not support constraints. In this configuration (which is ... 


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