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C API: Finalize A Dynamic String
The sqlite3_str_finish(X) interface destroys the sqlite3_str object X and returns a pointer to a memory buffer obtained from sqlite3_malloc64() that contains the constructed string. The calling application should pass the returned value to sqlite3_free() to avoid a memory leak ... 
C API: SQL Trace Event Codes
 ... xCallback(T,C,P,X). The T argument is one of the integer type codes above. The C argument is a copy of the context pointer passed in as the fourth argument to sqlite3_trace_v2(). The P and X arguments are ... 
The JSON1 Extension
4.9. The json_type() function The json_type(X) function returns the "type" of the outermost element of X. The json_type(X,P) function returns the "type" of the element in X that is selected by path P. The "type" returned by json_type() is one of ... 
C API: SQL Trace Hook
The sqlite3_trace_v2(D,M,X,P) interface registers a trace callback function X against database connection D, using property mask M and context pointer P. If the X callback is NULL or if the M mask is zero, then tracing ... 
C API: Obtaining SQL Values
sqlite3_value_blob(), sqlite3_value_double(), sqlite3_value_int(), sqlite3_value_int64(), sqlite3_value_pointer(), sqlite3_value_text ... 
 ... If sqlite3_value object V was initialized using sqlite3_bind_pointer(S,I,P,X,D) or sqlite3_result_pointer(C,P,X,D) and if X and Y are strings that compare equal according to strcmp(X,Y), then sqlite3_value_pointer(V,Y) will return ... 
C API: Prepared Statement Scan Status Opcodes
The following constants can be used for the T parameter to the sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus(S,X,T,V) interface. Each constant designates a different metric for sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus() to return. When the value returned to V is a string, space to hold ... 
C API: Function Auxiliary Data
sqlite3_get_auxdata(), sqlite3_set_auxdata()
 ... After each call to sqlite3_set_auxdata(C,N,P,X) where X is not NULL, SQLite will invoke the destructor function X with parameter P exactly once, when the metadata is discarded. SQLite is free to discard the metadata at any ... 
C API: Checkpoint a database
The sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(D,X) is equivalent to sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2(D,X,SQLITE_CHECKPOINT_PASSIVE,0,0). In brief, sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(D,X) causes the content in the write-ahead log for database X on database connection D to be transferred into the database file ... 
C API: Query Progress Callbacks
The sqlite3_progress_handler(D,N,X,P) interface causes the callback function X to be invoked periodically during long running calls to sqlite3_exec(), sqlite3_step() and sqlite3_get_table() for database connection D. An example use for this interface is to keep a GUI ... 
Floating Point Numbers
3. Techniques  ... CREATE TABLE pow2(x INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, v TEXT); WITH RECURSIVE c(x,v) AS ( VALUES(0,'1') UNION ALL SELECT x+1, decimal_mul(v,'2') FROM c WHERE x+1<=971 ) INSERT INTO pow2(x,v) SELECT x ... 


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