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1. Introduction Most programmers compile SQLite into their applications using the amalgamation. The amalgamation is C-code but it is not "source code". The amalgamation is generated from source code by scripts. This document describes how to obtain the canonical source code ... 
SQLite Library Footprint
Size Of The SQLite Library The code space used by the SQLite library depends on the target platform, the compiler, and optimization settings. These variables also affect performance. The chart below shows the relative size and performance for SQLite as ... 
C API: Initialize The SQLite Library
sqlite3_initialize(), sqlite3_shutdown(), sqlite3_os_init(), sqlite3_os_end()
The sqlite3_initialize() routine initializes the SQLite library. The sqlite3_shutdown() routine deallocates any resources that were allocated by sqlite3_initialize(). These routines are designed to aid in process initialization and shutdown on embedded systems. Workstation applications using SQLite normally do not need ... 
Version Numbers in SQLite
1. SQLite Version Numbers Beginning with version 3.9.0 (2015-10-14) SQLite uses semantic versioning. Prior to that time, SQLite employed a version identifier that contained between two and four numbers.
Constraint Conflict Resolution in SQLite In most SQL databases, if you have a UNIQUE, NOT NULL, or CHECK constraint on a table and you try to do an UPDATE or INSERT that violates the constraint, the database will abort the ... 
SQLite Archive Files
1. Introduction An "SQLite Archive" is a file container similar to a ZIP archive or Tarball but based on an SQLite database. An SQLite Archive is an ordinary SQLite database file that contains the following table as part of its schema: CREATE ... 
Books About SQLite
Books About SQLite SQLite Forensics (2018) Author: Paul Sanderson Publisher: Amazon This text by noted digital forensics expert, Paul Sanderson, provides investigators with low-level technical details useful in analysing SQLite database files. Every computer and phone uses hundreds of ... 
1. Overview  ... In this mode, all mutexes are disabled and SQLite is unsafe to use in more than a single thread at once. Multi-thread. In this mode, SQLite can be safely used by multiple threads provided that no single database connection ... 
Custom Builds Of SQLite
Custom Builds Of SQLite or Porting SQLite To New Operating Systems 1.0 Introduction For most applications, the recommended method for building SQLite is to use the amalgamation code file, sqlite3.c, and its corresponding header file sqlite3.h. The ... 
SQLite Is Serverless
1. SQLite Is Serverless  ... This is one reason why SQLite is a "zero-configuration" database engine. Programs that use SQLite require no administrative support for setting up the database engine before they are run. Any program that is able to access the disk is ... 


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