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SQLite C Interface

String LIKE Matching

int sqlite3_strlike(const char *zGlob, const char *zStr, unsigned int cEsc);

The sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) interface returns zero if and only if string X matches the LIKE pattern P with escape character E. The definition of LIKE pattern matching used in sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) is the same as for the "X LIKE P ESCAPE E" operator in the SQL dialect understood by SQLite. For "X LIKE P" without the ESCAPE clause, set the E parameter of sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) to 0. As with the LIKE operator, the sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) function is case insensitive - equivalent upper and lower case ASCII characters match one another.

The sqlite3_strlike(P,X,E) function matches Unicode characters, though only ASCII characters are case folded.

Note that this routine returns zero on a match and non-zero if the strings do not match, the same as sqlite3_stricmp() and sqlite3_strnicmp().

See also: sqlite3_strglob().

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