Obtaining TH3 Source Code

Selecting A Version Of TH3 To Download

As a licensee of TH3 (which presumably you are if you are able to read this page) you have direct access to the software configuration management system used by the TH3 developers. You get to see everything the developers do - both the good and the bad. Just because a new version of TH3 has been checked in does not mean that it has been vetted and validated. If you are uncertain about which version of TH3 you should be using, please talk to one of the developers.

All versions of TH3 can be viewed on the project timeline. The easiest way to find the version you want is to browse the timeline.

Getting The Code

Once you have identified the particular version of TH3 that you want to use, click on the hexadecimal SHA1-hash identifier for that version to go to a page that contains detailed information about that version.

On this details page, toward the bottom of the "Overview" section and to the right of "Downloads" you will see a hyperlink called "ZIP archive". Click on this link to download a ZIP archive containing the complete source code.