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Artifact ID: f77843e55e5c21bf64fdaf68e2bdb6479fcc528e
Page Name:LsmPerformance
Date: 2012-11-29 10:41:12
Original User: dan
Parent: 497b34e50de18c644bbae3727286e5b0719817cf

With version [a9f8129c] on an ext4 file-system. Machine has 4GB main memory. 7200rpm hdd. "hdparm -t" says:

   Timing buffered disk reads: 372 MB in  3.02 seconds = 123.38 MB/sec

Command line is:

   ./lsmtest speed2 -w 100000 -r 100 -f 100000 -system "mt_mode=4 multi_proc=0 autoflush=4M page_size=1024"

Final database size is 1214MB.

# getrusage: { ru_maxrss 838468 ru_oublock 11393088 ru_inblock 80 } (1243136)