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The initial check-in for each branch:

20:22 Combine the OP_MakeIdxKey and OP_MakeKey opcodes into a single OP_MakeKey that does the work of both. Standardize the parameter meanings on OP_MakeRecord and OP_MakeKey. Remove the unused OP_Seek opcode. Other related code simplifications and cleanup. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1122ff55e5 user: drh tags: refactor-MakeRecord
14:16 Checked in untested changes by mistake. Closed-Leaf check-in: 3fe22bbdf0 user: drh tags: mistake
20:01 Updates to use the next-generation-query-planner from the SQLite3 project. This branch is largely broken. check-in: bc9c9f73c5 user: dan tags: nextgen-query-planner
20:28 Start using sqlite4_num to store numeric SQL values. This commit is more buggy than not. check-in: d94f6e934e user: dan tags: sqlite4-num
20:15 Allow accessing a prefix of the database file using mmap and the remainder using read and write. check-in: abe0420724 user: dan tags: prefix-mmap
14:18 Add dedicated get/set functions for the schema cookie to the sqlite4_kv_methods structure. Leaf check-in: 35af051367 user: dan tags: experimental
19:42 Add definitions for the extra locks required for read-only clients to detect whether or not a database is live. check-in: 69f33cfa12 user: dan tags: read-only-clients
05:27 Make LARGEST_UINT64 unsigned. This was causing adjustExponent to fail when compiled with msvc. check-in: 9ff6991d9f user: peterreid tags: num_work
19:03 Add a field to the database header to identify the compression scheme in use. check-in: 3bf1db9709 user: dan tags: compression-id
19:04 Map and unmap parts of the database file on an LRU basis to limit the amount of address space consumed at any one time (for 32-bit address spaces). It looks like this might be slower than read() and write() anyway... check-in: d1b1a9e969 user: dan tags: mmap-on-demand
20:07 Change the lsm file-format to allow a small number of blocks belonging to the oldest segment in the database to be moved without modifying their content. This makes it easier to compact a database file to the minimum required size. check-in: 09251cee6a user: dan tags: block-redirects
19:56 Add APIs to allow fts5 to be augmented with ranking and snippet functions. Does not work yet. check-in: a235305d42 user: dan tags: matchinfo
20:13 Change free-list deletes to use range-deletes instead of point-deletes (so that they can be coalesced when segments are merged). This has revealed problems with the range-delete code. check-in: 9374c3a283 user: dan tags: range-delete-fixes
20:04 Rework the free block list storage so that it scales properly. Currently some test cases fail. check-in: ebca1063ac user: dan tags: freelist-rework
15:26 Change page numbers to 8-byte numbers (from 4). This is required to support compressed databases, where a page number is a byte offset in the database file. check-in: 5d266a717d user: dan tags: compression-hooks
20:05 Add (partially working) code for deleting keys to lsm_tree.c. Required for range-deletes. check-in: daa6942834 user: dan tags: range-delete
19:38 Rework flow control some (flow control = slowing down clients when worker threads or processes cannot keep up). check-in: 50f8b55823 user: dan tags: rework-flow-control
21:58 Create new branch named "lsm_env-xsize" check-in: 6d31a9d20c user: stephan tags: lsm_env-xsize
17:42 Add file "shm.wiki" with notes regarding shared memory contents. check-in: daac1c7c4e user: dan tags: multi-process
22:42 "uplifted" sqlite4::init to Sqlite4InitInfo typedef. Closed-Leaf check-in: 3abadc2e11 user: stephan tags: stephan
20:29 Continuing work on sqlite4_env and getting it to be used everywhere. The changes here are mostly having to do with mutexes. They compile, but there are errors. This is an incremental check-in so that I can change to work on another project where an issue has just come up. check-in: 1d65209131 user: drh tags: sqlite4_env
02:37 Begin refactoring the memory allocation logic to always require an environment pointer. This code will compile but does not run. check-in: 196691d50e user: drh tags: malloc-refactor
20:22 Experimentally try embedding b-tree pages in sorted runs instead of creating an external separators run. This slows down the rate at which blocks can be cycled during incremental merging, but also makes database writes more contiguous. check-in: 97fe6585f1 user: dan tags: embedded-btree
19:52 Changes to support "real" user-defined primary keys. This is quite broken at present. check-in: 3841829752 user: dan tags: primary-keys
21:47 This is an incremental check-in for the massive change that removes the old b-tree layer and substitutes a uniform key-value namespace. Nothing works at this point. This check-in is just a checkpoint. check-in: 87d659d624 user: drh tags: remove-btree
01:18 initial empty check-in check-in: 84d5dea8fd user: drh tags: trunk