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Comment:Fix typo in changes.html. (CVS 3567)
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User & Date: drh 2007-01-06 13:05:35
Fix the makefile to correctly install sqlite3ext.h. Ticket #2145 (CVS 3568) check-in: be410fee user: drh tags: trunk
Fix typo in changes.html. (CVS 3567) check-in: cc1df49b user: drh tags: trunk
Clear a compiler warning when compiling with -DSQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUALTABLE. (CVS 3566) check-in: 520f6583 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to www/changes.tcl.

    44     44   opportunity</li>
    45     45   <li>The optimizer has more freedom to reorder tables in the FROM clause
    46     46   even in there are LEFT joins.</li>
    47     47   </ul>
    48     48   <li>Extension loading supported added to winCE</li>
    49     49   <li>Allow constrain names on the DEFAULT clause in a table definition</li>
    50     50   <li>Added the ".bail" command to the command-line shell</li>
    51         -<li>Make CVS (comma separate value) output from the command-line shell
           51  +<li>Make CSV (comma separate value) output from the command-line shell
    52     52   more closely aligned to accepted practice</li>
    53     53   <li>Experimental FTS2 module added</li>
    54     54   <li>Use sqlite3_mprintf() instead of strdup() to avoid libc dependencies</li>
    55     55   <li>VACUUM uses a temporary file in the official TEMP folder, not in the
    56     56   same directory as the original database</li>
    57     57   <li>The prefix on temporary filenames on windows is changed from "sqlite"
    58     58   to "etilqs".</li>