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Comment:Mistake in help text. Spurious trailing whitespace removed. (CVS 532)
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SHA1: 4bdd040e4810565c91bcbb5f065580520c5e3c45
User & Date: persicom 2002-04-18 02:53:05
Updated to match new shell.c functionality. (CVS 533) check-in: ff67ad40 user: persicom tags: trunk
Mistake in help text. Spurious trailing whitespace removed. (CVS 532) check-in: 4bdd040e user: persicom tags: trunk
General: o Added global static chars mainPrompt and continuePrompt. o Moved Argv0 declaration to head of file. Needed in do_meta_command, previously found below that. o Added struct previous_mode_data to support new .explain toggle functionality. o Added nullvalue, explainPrev and outfile members to struct callback_data. o Added modeDescr array for number/text translation ofdisplay modes. o Modified zHelp to match new functionality.

callback(): o Added support for .nullvalue

do_meta_command(): o Output filename is now saved to callback struct. If using stdout, then the string "stdout" is saved. o Explain is now a toggle. When it is turned on, the current values of mode, header and colWidth are saved if not already in explain mode. When turned off, those values are restored. o Allow .mode plurals columns and lines and dot command plural .headers. o Added processing for new keywords .quit, .nullvalue, .show, .prompt.

main(): o Added -init as an option to override .sqliterc. o Added -nullvalue as a command line option. o Processes .sqliterc.

main_init(): o Genesis. Moved some initialization code here from inside main() so that it can be called initially by main and again if -init is specified.

one_input_line(): o Now takes prompts from settable values.

process_sqliterc(): o Genesis. Read .sqliterc from user's home directory and pass it to process_input(). File should contain meta commands for setups. (CVS 531) check-in: e751338c user: persicom tags: trunk

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Changes to src/shell.c.

     8      8   **    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
     9      9   **    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
    10     10   **
    11     11   *************************************************************************
    12     12   ** This file contains code to implement the "sqlite" command line
    13     13   ** utility for accessing SQLite databases.
    14     14   **
    15         -** $Id: shell.c,v 1.51 2002/04/18 02:46:52 persicom Exp $
           15  +** $Id: shell.c,v 1.52 2002/04/18 02:53:05 persicom Exp $
    16     16   */
    17     17   #include <stdlib.h>
    18     18   #include <string.h>
    19     19   #include <stdio.h>
    20     20   #include "sqlite.h"
    21     21   #include <ctype.h>
    22     22   #include <pwd.h>
   484    484     ".nullvalue STRING      Print STRING instead of nothing for NULL data\n"
   485    485     ".output FILENAME       Send output to FILENAME\n"
   486    486     ".output stdout         Send output to the screen\n"
   487    487     ".prompt MAIN CONTINUE  Replace the standard prompts\n"
   488    488     "                       \"sqlite > \" and \"   ...> \"\n"
   489    489     "                       with the strings MAIN and CONTINUE\n"
   490    490     "                       CONTINUE is optional.\n"
   491         -  "                       Special characters are:\n"
   492    491     ".quit                  Exit this program\n"
   493    492     ".read FILENAME         Execute SQL in FILENAME\n"
   494    493     ".reindex ?TABLE?       Rebuild indices\n"
   495    494   /*  ".rename OLD NEW        Change the name of a table or index\n" */
   496    495     ".schema ?TABLE?        Show the CREATE statements\n"
   497    496     ".separator STRING      Change separator string for \"list\" mode\n"
   498    497     ".show                  Show the current values for the following:\n"