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Comment:Fix a formatting typo in a comment. No changes to code.
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User & Date: drh 2013-04-15 13:10:30
Refactoring the mmap interface. The controlling pragma is now "mmap_size" instead of "mmap_limit". Also change SQLITE_CONFIG_MMAP_LIMIT and SQLITE_FCNTL_MMAP_LIMIT to SQLITE_CONFIG_MMAP_SIZE and SQLITE_FCNTL_MMAP_SIZE, respecctively. The default mmap_size is now always 0, meaning that memory mapped I/O is off by default. There is a new compile-time option SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE that determines a hard upper bound on the mmap_size. Setting SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE to zero disables the memory-mapped I/O logic and causes it to be omitted from the build. An extra argument is added to SQLITE_CONFIG_MMAP_SIZE that can optionally lower the SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE at start-time. The SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE is zero for platforms where we know that it does not work, meaning that it cannot be turned on by mistake on those platforms. check-in: ea1404a1 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a formatting typo in a comment. No changes to code. check-in: 34124249 user: drh tags: trunk
Only consider AS names from the result set as candidates for resolving identifiers in the WHERE clause if there are no other matches. In the ORDER BY clause, AS names take priority over any column names. Fix for ticket [2500cdb9be]. check-in: d0d5af79 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to src/sqlite.h.in.

  6843   6843   
  6844   6844   /*
  6845   6845   ** CAPI3REF: String Globbing
  6846   6846   *
  6847   6847   ** ^The [sqlite3_strglob(P,X)] interface returns zero if string X matches
  6848   6848   ** the glob pattern P, and it returns non-zero if string X does not match
  6849   6849   ** the glob pattern P.  ^The definition of glob pattern matching used in
  6850         -** [sqlite3_strglob(P,X) is the same as for the "X GLOB P" operator in the
         6850  +** [sqlite3_strglob(P,X)] is the same as for the "X GLOB P" operator in the
  6851   6851   ** SQL dialect used by SQLite.  ^The sqlite3_strglob(P,X) function is case
  6852   6852   ** sensitive.
  6853   6853   **
  6854   6854   ** Note that this routine returns zero on a match and non-zero if the strings
  6855   6855   ** do not match, the same as [sqlite3_stricmp()] and [sqlite3_strnicmp()].
  6856   6856   */
  6857   6857   int sqlite3_strglob(const char *zGlob, const char *zStr);