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Comment:Fix another README.md typo.
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Changes to README.md.

   106    106   a lot of generated code and Tcl is used to do much of that code generation.
   107    107   The makefiles also require AWK.
   108    108   
   109    109   ## Source Code Tour
   110    110   
   111    111   Most of the core source files are in the **src/** subdirectory.  The
   112    112   **src/** folder also contains files used to build the "testfixture" test
   113         -harness. The names of the source files used "by testfixture" all begin
          113  +harness. The names of the source files used by "testfixture" all begin
   114    114   with "test".
   115    115   The **src/** also contains the "shell.c" file
   116    116   which is the main program for the "sqlite3.exe"
   117    117   [command-line shell](https://sqlite.org/cli.html) and
   118    118   the "tclsqlite.c" file which implements the
   119    119   [TCL bindings](https://sqlite.org/tclsqlite.html) for SQLite.
   120    120   (Historical note:  SQLite began as a Tcl