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sqlrr - 10/19/2009

SQL Replay Recording

This extension enables recording sqlite API calls that access the database so that they can be replayed or examined.

Recording is enabled by compiling sqlite with symbolic constant SQLITE_ENABLE_SQLRR defined.  
By default logs are written to /tmp/<databasename>_<pid>_<connection_number>.sqlrr, to choose another directory, set the environment variable SQLITE_REPLAY_RECORD_DIR to that path.

 file:			<header>[<sql-command>]*
 header:			<signature><format-version>
   signature: 		SQLRR (5 bytes)
   format-version:	n (1 byte)
 sql-command:		<timestamp><type><arg-data>
   timestamp:       n (16 bytes)
   type:			n (1 byte)
        open		0
        close		1
        exec		8
        bind-text	16
        bind-double	17
        bind-int	18
        bind-null	19
        bind-value	20
        bind-clear	21
        prep		32
        step		33
        reset		34
        finalize	35

  open-arg-data:		<connection><path><flags>
  close-arg-data:		<connection>
  exec-arg-data:		<connection><len><statement-text>
  bind-text-arg-data:	<statement-ref><index><len><data>
  bind-double-arg-data:	<statement-ref><index><data>
  bind-int-arg-data:	<statement-ref><index><data>
  bind-null-arg-data:	<statement-ref><index>
  bind-value-arg-data:	<statement-ref><index><len><data> ???
  bind-clear-arg-data:	<statement-ref>
  prep-arg-data:		<connection><len><statement-text>
  step-arg-data:		<statement-ref>
  reset-arg-data:		<statement-ref>
  finalize-arg-data:	<statement-ref>