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Ticket Hash: bb4bdb9f7f654b0bb9f34cfbacf5462acb4ce09d
Title: Zeroblob truncated by an index on an expression
Status: Fixed Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Severe Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Virtual_Machine Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2019-01-25 20:09:23
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drh added on 2019-01-25 20:01:15: (text/x-fossil-wiki)
When a table has an index on an expression, then inserting a zeroblob into
an indexed column of that table might cause the zeroblob to be truncated.

CREATE TABLE t1(a,b,c);
CREATE INDEX t1bbc ON t1(b, b+c);
INSERT INTO t1(a,b,c) VALUES(1,zeroblob(8),3);
SELECT a, b, length(b), c FROM t1;

The correct answer is


But the answer returned is:


This issue was discovered during internal testing.  There have been no
reports of this from the wild.