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3 check-ins tagged with "push-down-backport"

When checking for the WHERE-clause push-down optimization, verify that all terms of the compound inner SELECT are non-aggregate, not just the last term. Fix for ticket [f7f8c97e97597]. (Closed-Leaf check-in: adc082c1 user: drh tags: push-down-backport)
Do not apply the WHERE-clause pushdown optimization to terms that originate in the ON or USING clause of a LEFT JOIN. Fix for ticket [c2a19d81652f40568c]. (check-in: 52674f94 user: drh tags: push-down-backport)
For FROM-clause subqueries that cannot be flattened, try to push relevant WHERE clause terms of the outer query down into the subquery in order to help the subquery run faster and/or use less memory. Cherry-pick from [6df18e949d36]. Still need to backport bug fixes associated with that check-in. (check-in: 043d6ce8 user: drh tags: push-down-backport)