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7 check-ins related to "tkt-df46dfb631"

Check-in [fa792714ae62fa98] is incorrect. Add a test case to refute it and also a fix to make it right. Then add an alternative fix to ticket [df46dfb631f75694] in which all ephemeral tables used as the RHS of an IN operator be index btrees and never table btrees so that they can always be reused. (check-in: d3915230 user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove a testcase() macro which is now unreachable due to the contraction of the use of IN_INDEX_ROWID. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 90c5a17c user: drh tags: tkt-df46dfb631)
Make all ephemeral tables built to hold the RHS of an IN operator be index-btrees, never table-btrees, regardless of whether or not they are used as IN_INDEX_LOOP or IN_INDEX_MEMBERSHIP. That way, the same ephmerial table can be reused for both cases. (check-in: c2d50df8 user: drh tags: tkt-df46dfb631)
Check-in [fa792714ae62fa980] is not a valid fix for ticket [df46dfb631f75694], as the new test case in this check-in demonstrates. The fix here causes test cases for the [df46dfb631f75694] bug to fail again, so this check-in is on a branch. A new fix is needed for [df46dfb631f75694]. (check-in: 0d456456 user: drh tags: tkt-df46dfb631)
Internally, remove all references to a Window object that belongs to an expression in an ORDER BY clause if that expression is converted to an alias of a result-set expression. Fix for [4feb3159c6]. (check-in: 579b66ea user: dan tags: trunk)
Back off the optimization of check-in [e130319317e76119] slightly so that it only applies to IN operators that are used for membership tests. Proposed fix for ticket [df46dfb631f75694]. (Closed-Leaf check-in: b5f90bfe user: drh tags: tkt-df46dfb631)
Enhance the xBestIndex method on delta_parse() to return SQLITE_CONSTRAINT if no delta argument is supplied. (check-in: f16d127c user: drh tags: trunk)