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4 check-ins related to "improved-index-scan"

Enhance the query planner cost estimation for index scans to take into account WHERE clause terms that can be computed using only the index and that do not require looking up rows in the original table. This fixes an obscure performance regression that arose when the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization was added by check-in [bf46179d44843]. (check-in: 9e2b2681 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add test cases and fix a comment. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 50f8ea37 user: drh tags: improved-index-scan)
When estimating the cost of an index scan, factor in the cost savings of being able to use the index to evaluate some WHERE clause terms without having to do a table lookup. (check-in: a59b5622 user: drh tags: improved-index-scan)
Ensure that the sqlite3_scrub_backup() extension creates a backup database at least as large as indicated by the database header, even if the last page of the input database is a free-list leaf. (check-in: 483994a5 user: dan tags: trunk)