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16 check-ins using file src/main.c version ae03daa1

Change the makefile to delete both plain and ".exe" variants of build tools. Ticket [92bd6eaf04e117] check-in: 19536a38 user: drh tags: trunk
Simplifications to the upper() and lower() SQL functions. Updates to documentation on sqlite3_bind_text() and sqlite3_result_text() to make it clear that users should not try to create strings with embedded NULs and that if they do the result of expression on those strings is undefined. Ticket [57c971fc74524a] check-in: 9984cc20 user: drh tags: trunk
Handle updating the only row of an FTS table correctly. Fix for [9fd058691]. check-in: 7e24645b user: dan tags: trunk
An improved fix for the page_count and quick_check problem previously patched at [150592b4b4d8637] check-in: c3cb7f4f user: drh tags: trunk
Provide a complete prototype for isatty() in the command-line shell sources. check-in: 8bf13b03 user: drh tags: trunk
Change the command-line shell to do the ".dump" inside of a SAVEPOINT rather than a transaction, since this allows it to be run from within a transaction. check-in: 6df7343b user: drh tags: trunk
Enable large-file support for fopen() and friends in the command-line shell. Ticket [92af7da36b6fbd] check-in: eeeba4f0 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure the query optimizer for aggregate queries knows that expressions (x='a') and (x='A') are different. Ticket [fa7bf5ec94801e7e] check-in: e43da426 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure the page_count and quick_check pragmas work properly even when their names are capitalized. Fixes a problem reported on the mailing list. check-in: 150592b4 user: drh tags: trunk
Adjust the symbols.sh script for STAT3. Add the symbols-mingw.sh script for testing on windows with MinGW. check-in: c41d1d46 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure all non-API functions in os_win.c have file scope. Ticket [35c54c874987] check-in: 17e4fde5 user: drh tags: trunk
Do the ".dump" command inside of a transaction to prevent other processes from modifying the database while the dump is underway. Ticket [2466653295e65] check-in: 1c00d545 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a harmless compiler warning introduced into os_unix.c by one of the recent changes. check-in: 4bf4d5eb user: drh tags: trunk
If errors are encountered while processing the ".dump" command in the command-line shell, print error messages as comments in the output and ROLLBACK at the end rather than committing. Ticket [ee19e690ec9a5a2] check-in: 8a8dcd6b user: drh tags: trunk
Be sure to allocate plenty of space for error messages coming out of sqlite3_load_extension(), so that filenames and procedure names are not truncated. Ticket [7d32c69b50f89d] check-in: af8bcdd9 user: drh tags: trunk
The sqlite3_overload_function() interface returns an error if it is unable to create the overload function. Ticket [20f9d4fbbff3a3] check-in: d5b6b374 user: drh tags: trunk