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11 check-ins using file src/pager.c version 53cc5e9d

Merge recent performance enhancements and the CAST operator enhancements into the sessions branch. check-in: 08ae974a user: drh tags: sessions
Remove the SQLITE_CONFIG_WORKER_THREADS configuration parameter. The number of worker threads in the sorter is now determined only by the PRAGMA threads=N setting. check-in: e3305d4b user: drh tags: threads
Merge the CAST operator enhancements from trunk. check-in: 6c8f86e4 user: drh tags: threads
Add an assert() and five testcase() macros to the OP_Cast opcode implementation to help verify that it is fully tested. check-in: af364cce user: drh tags: trunk
Minor changes to the CAST logic to make it more testable. check-in: 1ad70ec5 user: drh tags: trunk
Test cases added for using unary "+" and CAST operators on the RHS of range constraints and verifying that STAT3/4 can use those constraints. check-in: 42505e5a user: drh tags: trunk
Allow CAST expressions and unary "+" operators to be used in the DEFAULT argument of an ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN and to be understand on the RHS of range constraints interpreted by STAT3/4. This involves a rewrite of the implementation of the CAST operator. check-in: 91d8a8d0 user: drh tags: trunk
In cases where stat4 data is available but cannot be used because the rhs of a range constraint is too complex a expression, fall back to using the default estimates for number of rows scanned. check-in: e06dc6f0 user: dan tags: trunk
Query or change the maximum number of worker threads allowed on each database connection separately using the "PRAGMA threads" command. check-in: 29c5e8a7 user: drh tags: threads
Merge the recent performance enhancements implemented on trunk into the threads branch. check-in: dfdc900f user: drh tags: threads
Remove the pager_lookup() function since it is redundant with sqlite3PagerLookup(). check-in: 54164ce4 user: drh tags: trunk