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4 check-ins using file src/where.c version 494d1069

Back out the SQLITE_OMIT_UNIQUE_ENFORCEMENT compile-option. It is an unneeded complication. check-in: 927e955b user: drh tags: trunk
When ATTACH-ing a new database to an existing database with a codec, do not enable the codec in the attached database if it is not enabled in the existing database and it is not requested by the USING clause. check-in: 4caa5fc8 user: drh tags: trunk
Do not do a backup if the number of reserved bytes in the source and destination do not match. Try to make the match, but if unable fail. check-in: 0ca8a233 user: drh tags: trunk
Always make sure the left-hand side of the IS NOT NULL operator is a simple column, not a general expression, before applying the IS NOT NULL query optimization. check-in: 543f75a6 user: drh tags: trunk