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6 check-ins using file src/os_unix.c version 417a378a

The expression list on the RHS of an IN operator can no longer be empty because an empty expression list is now optimized out by changes in check-in [c288ac644d0bf]. Therefore add ALWAYS() macros around tests for the expression list being non-empty. (check-in: fd130ae5 user: drh tags: trunk)
Additional test cases and evidence marks for the empty RHS bug on the IN operator - ticket [80e031a00f45dca877] (check-in: 6851c517 user: drh tags: trunk)
Make the result of an IN or NOT IN expression with an empty set on the right-hand side always either false or true, respectively, even if the left-hand side is NULL. Ticket [80e031a00f45dc] (check-in: c288ac64 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix an assert() failure in wal2.test caused by messing with the contents of shared memory. (check-in: 9f452514 user: dan tags: trunk)
Test the libraries response to read-only or unreadable database, WAL and wal-index files. If a WAL file cannot be opened in read/write mode, return SQLITE_CANTOPEN to the caller. (check-in: 45bb84c6 user: dan tags: trunk)
On unix, try to create the *-wal and *-shm files with the same permissions as the associated database file. (check-in: e5d180ee user: dan tags: trunk)