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3 check-ins using file main.mk version 261a2292

Improvements to the -fsanitize=fuzzer based database file fuzzer. (Cherrypick from the rubust-against-damaged-db branch.) check-in: 3cc01a0e user: drh tags: trunk
In the CLI, when opening a file that begins with the normal SQLite prefix, open the file as a normal database even if it has a ZIP for AppendVFS record at the end. check-in: 7989bbda user: drh tags: trunk
Enable sqlite3_deserialize() in the CLI. The --deserialize option associated with opening a new database cause the database file to be read into memory and accessed using the sqlite3_deserialize() API. This simplifies running tests on a database without risk of modifying the file on disk. check-in: 5e0129ee user: drh tags: trunk