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16 check-ins using file src/pragma.c version 09128fe3

stick everything that sqlite links against into Libs.private (CVS 4895) check-in: 8b198617 user: vapier tags: trunk
Write the page-size into the first journal-header of each journal file. (CVS 4894) check-in: 79f573cc user: danielk1977 tags: trunk
Make out-of-tree builds work as expected when using configure script (CVS 4893) check-in: e2d05ea3 user: mlcreech tags: trunk
Fix the load-extension mechanism so that tests build with or without it. This check-in also includes prototypes for the new sqlite3_limit() interface, but no implementation. (CVS 4892) check-in: bee38c2d user: drh tags: trunk
Fix build whether compiling with or without auto-extension enabled (CVS 4891) check-in: 7b9682c6 user: mlcreech tags: trunk
Don't wrongly look for the amalgamation in $(TOP) (CVS 4890) check-in: 41d6ca31 user: mlcreech tags: trunk
Add a new interface, sqlite3_context_db_handle(), that returns the database connection pointer for an application-defined function. (CVS 4889) check-in: 54c55cae user: drh tags: trunk
Undefine the "isView" macro when compiling with SQLITE_OMIT_VIEW so that the macro does not interfer with subsequent modules in the amalgamation. (CVS 4888) check-in: a42caa8f user: drh tags: trunk
Use the xCurrentTime method of the default VFS instead of stdlib time() to get the current time when compiling with SQLITE_OMIT_DATETIME_FUNCS. (CVS 4887) check-in: 73fbac7c user: drh tags: trunk
Update the loadable extension module to include recently added interfaces. (CVS 4886) check-in: bf1ceced user: drh tags: trunk
Initialize the MD5 SQL functions from test_func.c instead of using conditional compilation in tclsqlite.c. (CVS 4885) check-in: 801a0e3c user: drh tags: trunk
Create the test_destructor16() test SQL function to enhance test coverage. Prior to check-in (4883), the test_destructor() function was sufficient, but we now need separate functions since the implementation is restricted to using the published API. (CVS 4884) check-in: bb721865 user: drh tags: trunk
Move SQL functions used for testing only out of func.c and into a new test file named test_func.c. Use sqlite3_auto_extension() to make sure the test functions appear in every database connection. (CVS 4883) check-in: e90c4cc8 user: drh tags: trunk
Add a new api sqlite3_randomness() for providing access to SQLite's internal PRNG. Add sqlite3_test_control() verbs for controlling the PRNG. (CVS 4882) check-in: 15110ea0 user: drh tags: trunk
When a parse of the sqlite_master table fails, include the name of the object being parsed as part of the error message. (CVS 4881) check-in: 57805b58 user: drh tags: trunk
Remove the dependency on the direct btree interface from as many test scripts as is practical. Fix a bug in the output limiter of the integrity_check pragma that came up while making this change. (CVS 4880) check-in: 24e76997 user: drh tags: trunk