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Parents and children of check-in [f44b8bae]

Add a rudimentary tokenizer and parser to FTS1 for parsing the module arguments during initialization. Recognized arguments include a tokenizer selector and a list of virtual table columns. (CVS 3403) check-in: 227dc3fe user: drh tags: trunk
Add pzErr parameters to the xConnect and xCreate methods of virtual tables in order to provide better error reporting. This is an interface change for virtual tables. Prior virtual table implementations will need to be modified and recompiled. (CVS 3402) check-in: f44b8bae user: drh tags: trunk
Add a new zErrMsg field to the sqlite3_vtab structure to support returning error messages from virtual table constructors. This change means that virtual table implementations compiled as loadable extensions for version 3.3.7 will need to be recompile for version 3.3.8 and will not be usable by both versions at one. The virtual table mechanism is still considered experimental so we feel justified in breaking backwards compatibility in this way. Additional interface changes might occurs in the future. (CVS 3401) check-in: 36693a5c user: drh tags: trunk