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Parents and children of check-in [f2aa7842]

Add logic to the query planner to only use partial indices if the WHERE clause constrains the search to rows covered by the partial index. This is just infrastructure. The key routine, sqlite3ExprImpliesExpr(), is currently a no-op so that partial indices will never be used. check-in: 8ca3eac1 user: drh tags: partial-indices
Resolve names in CREATE INDEX WHERE clauses and detect errors. Disallow expressions that contain variables, subqueries, or functions. The expression is still not used for anything, however. still unused. check-in: f2aa7842 user: drh tags: partial-indices
Here begins an experimental branch for exploring the idea of a partial index. This check-in is able to parse a WHERE clause on a CREATE INDEX statement, but does not actually do anythingn with that WHERE clause yet. check-in: 6794b2dc user: drh tags: partial-indices