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Parents and children of check-in [e996ca32]

Recognize the invariant that a Mem object cannot be MEM_Dyn and have a non-zero szMalloc at the same time. Enforce this with assert()s and exploit it in the sqlite3VdbeMemClearAndResize() routine for a performance increase. check-in: 3b21cf2b user: drh tags: trunk
Tighten the conditions under which applyNumericAffinity() be called and add assert() statements to prove that it is never called otherwise. check-in: e996ca32 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the affinity on inserts into the ANALYZE tables. Change the affinity characters to be upper case, to make the P5 parameter of comparison operators easier to read. check-in: 3f3ca76a user: drh tags: trunk