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Parents and children of check-in [d537aa5e]

Make sure the IS NULL optimization introduced by check-in (3494) correctly handles a LEFT JOIN where the a term from the right table of the join uses an IS NULL constraint. Ticket #2177. This check-in also adds the new test cases that were suppose to have been added with (3494) but which were mistakenly omitted. (CVS 3595) check-in: 335863e4 user: drh tags: trunk
Additional memory initialization in lemon - bug reported from wireshark. Ticket #2172. Note this problem only comes up with certain grammars, and does not impact SQLite. On the other hand, it might cause SQLite to run slower. So we might want to revisit this change at some point. (CVS 3594) check-in: d537aa5e user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure the parser generated by lemon always calls destructors on unused symbols, even if there is no action following the rule. Ticket #2171. (CVS 3593) check-in: 0c5c1b93 user: drh tags: trunk