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Parents and children of check-in [cec2bcb4]

Remove a stray tab character from the transitive_closure extension source code. check-in: 7a9aa21c user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a bug in SQLITE_TRACE_SIZE_LIMIT that was introduced by check-in [1a1cf5aa86734c8]. That check-in was to remove harmless compiler warnings. So once again, we have introduced a real bug into SQLite by attempting to eliminate a harmless compiler warning. check-in: cec2bcb4 user: drh tags: trunk
In test file test_syscall.c, include sqliteInt.h before any tcl or system include files. This ensures that the magical defines in sqliteInt.h really do enable large file support (and set things up so that sizeof(off_t)==8). check-in: 0f355bb1 user: dan tags: trunk