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Parents and children of check-in [c9eb6591]

Change prefix search from O(N*M) to O(NlogM). The previous code linearly merged the doclists, so as the accumulated list got large, things got slow (the M term, a fucntion of the number of documents in the index). This change does pairwise merges until a single doclist remains. A test search of 't*' against a database of RFC text improves from 1m16s to 4.75s. (CVS 4599) check-in: feef1b15 user: shess tags: trunk
In shared-cache mode, make sure the busy hander invoked is the busy handler associated with the database connection that caused the lock contention in the first place. (CVS 4598) check-in: c9eb6591 user: drh tags: trunk
Get the LIKE and GLOB operators working again on systems using the EBCDIC character set. (CVS 4597) check-in: 754298a7 user: drh tags: trunk