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Parents and children of check-in [c0cb3a01]

Fix for ticket #62: Do not report an SQLITE_READONLY error until the application actually tries to write data into a readonly file. It is OK to start a transaction on a read-only file, and doing so will get you a read lock. This change allows TEMP tables to be read/write even though the main database is readonly. (CVS 607) check-in: 9ef795d1 user: drh tags: trunk
Additional grammar cleanup resulting from the %fallback directive. (CVS 606) check-in: c0cb3a01 user: drh tags: trunk
Added the %fallback directive to the lemon parser generator and used this in the parser to make the parse tables much smaller. This reduced the size of the library by 15K. (CVS 605) check-in: 7ac5bd29 user: drh tags: trunk