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Parents and children of check-in [ad130bb8]

Add the "PRAGMA legacy_alter_table=ON" command to enable the pre-3.25.0 behavior of ALTER TABLE that does not modify the bodies of triggers or views or the WHERE clause of a partial index. Enable the legacy behavior by default when running the xRename method of virtual tables. check-in: 7edd26ed user: drh tags: trunk
Combine the Expr.pTab and Expr.pWin fields into a union named "y". Add a new EP_WinFunc property that is only true if Expr.y.pWin is a valid pointer. This reduces the size of the Expr object by 8 bytes, reduces the overall amount of code, and shaves over 1 million cycles off of the speed test. check-in: ad130bb8 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a compilation issue in the "userauth" extension. Also fix a few test script errors that occur with SQLITE_USER_AUTHENTICATION=1 builds. check-in: 221f3f57 user: dan tags: trunk