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Overhaul of EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN. The output is now in the form of a tree. More details of the query plan are shown, and what is shown is truer to what actually happens. check-in: ff01bbda user: drh tags: trunk
The sqlite3BtreeInsert() routine tries to overwrite an existing cell with modified content if the new content is the same size. Pages are only dirtied if they change. This prototype works some, but still has issues. check-in: 489451b3 user: drh tags: cell-overwrite-prototype
Prevent VACUUM from running any commands in sqlite_master.sql other than CREATE statements. That is all that should be there anyhow. This fixes a problem discovered by OSSFuzz. Test cases in TH3. check-in: ab0d99d0 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a problem in the xBestIndex method of the closure extension causing it to allocate non-contiguous argvIndex values in some cases (an "xBestIndex malfunction" error). check-in: 0c671507 user: dan tags: trunk