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Parents and children of check-in [9f40383e]

Check that malloc() has not already failed when invoking the xUpdate() method of a virtual table implementation. This fixes an assert() failure in FTS5 that could occur following an OOM condition. check-in: e9a7e4d5 user: dan tags: trunk
Add the unused SQLITE_CANTOPEN_DIRTYWAL result code. This code was used in some historical versions on the apple-osx branch but was removed by check-in [27e20d699872b2b8]. Restore it so that old code that actually references that result code will still compile. check-in: 9f40383e user: drh tags: trunk
Documentation update: clarify that sqlite3_errcode() and related interfaces do not themselves modify the error code. check-in: 858fc52b user: drh tags: trunk