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Fix the expected output on tests so that it corresponds to the new query planner results. All of veryquick.test is now passing with SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2. check-in: f2a8b5cc user: drh tags: branch-3.7.2
Fix problems in the backport, reducing the number of errors in the TCL tests to just a few dozen. Most of the remaining errors seem to be real and desirable changes of behavior. check-in: 9d2b0af2 user: drh tags: branch-3.7.2
This is the beginning of an attempt to backport recent query planner enhancements to version 3.7.2. The code in this version builds and runs and seems to give correct answers, but it generates suboptimal query plans and hence many of the test cases fail. The test script gives up after 1000 errors. check-in: e72cf118 user: drh tags: branch-3.7.2