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Parents and children of check-in [985bfc99]

If a readonly_shm connection cannot map the *-shm file because no other process is holding the DMS lock, have it read from the database file only, ignoring any content in the wal file. check-in: ce5d13c2 user: dan tags: readonly-wal-recovery
Merge latest trunk changes into this branch. check-in: 985bfc99 user: dan tags: readonly-wal-recovery
Fix a race condition in os_unix.c that might allow a client to use a *-shm file corrupted by a power failure if another client fails between locking the *-shm file and truncating it to zero bytes. check-in: d655bfab user: dan tags: readonly-wal-recovery
Update the built procedures for the sqlite3_analyzer utility to allow it to be linked with an external sqlite3.o library. Automatically detect a missing dbstat extension and report the compile-time error. check-in: bb39744f user: drh tags: trunk