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Parents and children of check-in [90cae831]

Do not allow indexing of any table whose name begins with "sqlite_". Ticket #3284. Improve handling of databases with malformed schemas - just in case somebody has actually indexed a system table. (CVS 5553) check-in: 0e1d8d14 user: drh tags: trunk
The GCC magic to warn about experimental interfaces does not work on gcc version 4.1.0. Add #ifdefs to work around this. (CVS 5552) check-in: 90cae831 user: drh tags: trunk
Added SQLITE_EXPERIMENTAL and SQLITE_DEPRECATED tags to APIs to take advantage of compiler warnings (with the necessary function attributes.) Ticket #3142. (CVS 5551) check-in: 5f4b547a user: shane tags: trunk