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Parents and children of check-in [8b6574cf]

Added support for the "sqlite_temp_master" table. Increased the version number to 2.5.2. (CVS 640) check-in: 9c1432bf user: drh tags: trunk
Partial fix for a problem with LEFT OUTER JOIN. It used to be that the test for the right-hand table not matching the left table occurred after all ON, USING, WHERE clause processing. The test should occur after ON and USING clauses are checked but before the WHERE clause is check. This fix works as long as the total number of "AND" separated terms in the ON, USING, and WHERE clause does not exceed 32. To do: make this work for any number of terms and add test cases. that (CVS 639) check-in: 8b6574cf user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a VDBE stack leak in LEFT OUTER JOIN. Fix a bug in the code generator for JOIN ... USING(...). (CVS 638) check-in: d861489e user: drh tags: trunk