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Parents and children of check-in [8b4aa0c7]

Fix an issue in the test8.c test module that arises because of the change to PRAGMA index_list(). Remove an unused local variable. check-in: 029430c5 user: drh tags: row-size-est
Completely remove the iScanRatio field. The PRAGMA index_list(TABLE) command shows the estimated row size in the forth column. It also generates a row for the table with an index name of NULL. The query planner still does not take row size estimates into account - that is the next step. check-in: 8b4aa0c7 user: drh tags: row-size-est
Improvements to the LogEst command-line tool used to convert between ordinary numbers and the LogEst representation. check-in: 5252aeb6 user: drh tags: row-size-est