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Parents and children of check-in [8a78050d]

Remove the "#ifdef SQLITE_TEST" condition from fts5_test_mi.c. Update fts5_main.c so that if SQLITE_FTS5_TEST_MI is defined when it is built the fts5_test_mi.c entry point is automatically called. This makes it easier to build versions of fts5 that include the matchinfo() demo by default. check-in: 87e6e225 user: dan tags: trunk
Improve test coverage of demo code in fts5_test_mi.c. check-in: 8a78050d user: dan tags: trunk
Enhance Lemon to generate more compact and efficient code for yy_reduce(). Update the main SQL grammar to take advantage of the new capabilities. check-in: 53fd040c user: drh tags: trunk