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Fix a build problem around sqlite3_overload_function. Only affects so/dll builds. (CVS 3435) check-in: 791d7093 user: shess tags: trunk
Implemented UPDATE for full-text tables.    We handle an UPDATE to a row by performing an UPDATE on the content table and by building new position lists for each term which appears in either the old or new versions of the row. We write these position lists all at once; this is presumably more efficient than a delete followed by an insert (which would first write empty position lists, then new position lists). (CVS 3434) check-in: 757fa224 user: adamd tags: trunk
When gathering a doclist for querying, don't discard empty position lists until the end; this allows empty position lists to override non-empty lists encountered later in the gathering process. This fixes #1982, which was caused by the fact that for all-column queries we weren't discarding empty position lists at all. (CVS 3433) check-in: 111ca616 user: adamd tags: trunk