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Parents and children of check-in [6bc71dfc]

Adjust the xBestIndex methods on both the fuzzer and transitive_closure virtual tables so that an unused MATCH operator gets a really large cost. Remove ambiguities from the fuzzer test cases. check-in: e2c1af78 user: drh tags: nextgen-query-plan-exp
Pull in recent trunk changes. Fix the ORDER BY optimizer so that it is better able to deal with COLLATE clauses. Clean up ambiguities in the descidx1.test script. check-in: 6bc71dfc user: drh tags: nextgen-query-plan-exp
Fix a typo in a collating function inside the e_reindex.test script. check-in: 4d74fccf user: drh tags: trunk
Do not use an index fullscan for an UPDATE or DELETE or if disabled by sqlite3_test_control() or sqlite3_config(). check-in: fabb2185 user: drh tags: nextgen-query-plan-exp