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Parents and children of check-in [65b1e3a4]

In shell, changed ".tables" command to not add '%' to specified pattern. This is consistent with other commands that take a LIKE pattern (.dump, .schema, .indices). Updated internal help to better describe LIKE pattern usage. Fixed a few more inconsistencies in error messages. Ticket [6da68f691b]. check-in: 7201244e user: shane tags: trunk
Check-in [19064d7cea] broke the pTail return on sqlite3_prepare16() when the SQL contained surrogates. This check-in restores correct function. Part of ticket [3fe897352e]. check-in: 65b1e3a4 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure that UTF16 to UTF8 conversions to not read past the end of the UTF16 input buffer if the last two bytes of the UTF16 happen to be the first half of a surrogate pair. Ticket [3fe897352e] check-in: 19064d7c user: drh tags: trunk