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Parents and children of check-in [56bff6eb]

Modify mkkeywordhash.c so that it puts the original text of each token in a comment beside the "testcase()" macros. (CVS 6736) check-in: a7d0817c user: drh tags: trunk
Enable cell overflow checking in sqlite3BtreeInitPage() using the compile-time option SQLITE_ENABLE_OVERSIZE_CELL_CHECK. Change the tests so that they recognize different error messages depending on the setting of this macro. (CVS 6735) check-in: 56bff6eb user: drh tags: trunk
Avoid calling fillInCell() to create an internal node intkey cell from balance_nonroot(). A single putVarint() does the same thing more quickly. (CVS 6734) check-in: 2e5d42ae user: danielk1977 tags: trunk