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Explicit collations always override implicit collations. This is backwards compatible since SQLite has not previously supported explicit collations. Need to add tests of this new behavior. (CVS 3633) check-in: 3638823a user: drh tags: trunk
Change the coding of PRAGMA count_changes so that it uses memory cells of the VM rather than the stack, to avoid problems with leftovers on the stack interfering with other operations. Ticket #2217. (CVS 3632) check-in: 2bd4b62a user: drh tags: trunk
http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=2219    When creating fts tables in an attached database, the backing tables are created in database 'main'. This change propagates the appropriate database name to the routines which build sql statements.    Note that I propagate the database name and table name separately. I briefly considered just making the table name be "db.table", but it didn't fit so well in the model used to store the table name and other information, and having the db name passed separately seemed a bit more transparent. (CVS 3631) check-in: 283385d2 user: shess tags: trunk