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Compute the bitmask of indexed columns for each index once when the Index objecct is constructed, instead of recomputing it every time it is needed. check-in: d735872e user: drh tags: trunk
Avoid invoking the whereLoopAddOr() routine in the query planner if there are no OR operators in the WHERE clause, thus speeding up query planning slightly. check-in: 292724ff user: drh tags: trunk
When the query planner has the opportunity to use an IN operater constraint on a term of an index other than the left-most term, use the estimated number of elements on the right-hand side of the IN operator to determine if makes sense to use the IN operator with index lookups, or to just do a scan over the range of the table identified by the index terms to the left. Only do this if sqlite_stat1 measurements are available as otherwise the performance estimates will not be accurate enough to discern the best plan. Bias the decision slightly in favor of using index lookups on each element of the IN operator. check-in: 2cbbabdf user: drh tags: trunk