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Parents and children of check-in [2631ceae]

Make fts1.c not rely on nul-terminated strings. Mostly a matter of making sure we always pass around ptr/len, but there were a few places where we actually relied on nul-termination.

An earlier change had additionally changed appropriate sqlite3_bind_text() calls to sqlite3_bind_blob(). I've found that this changes what's actually stored in the database, so backed those changes out. Also (and this is weird), I found that I could no longer do straight-forward = queries against %_term.term at a command-line. (CVS 3379) (check-in: 5844db1a user: shess tags: trunk)

Make tokenizer not rely on nul-terminated text. Instead of using strcspn() and a nul-terminated delimiter list, I just flagged delimiters in an array and wrote things inline. Submitting this for review separately because it's pretty standalone. (CVS 3378) (check-in: 2631ceae user: shess tags: trunk)
Refactor the FTS1 module so that its name is "fts1" instead of "fulltext", so that all symbols with external linkage begin with "sqlite3Fts1", and so that all filenames begin with "fts1". (CVS 3377) (check-in: e1891f0d user: drh tags: trunk)